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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tabrett Bethell is starring in "Sanctuary", coming in March 2011!

Tabrett shot a short film called Sanctuary back in October, directed by Benedict Samuel, her co-star is Xavier Samuel. It's produced by Azure Productions.

Nothing else is known about the film at this point, this is all they said on Facebook:
"Is working with Bene on Sanctuary and it is looking amazing...."
And on Twitter:
"Locked the cut on "Sanctuary""

I contacted one of the producers, Annmaree Bell, to find out a bit more. She was very kind and sent this answer:
"Tabrett is an amazing actress and we are hoping to have the film ready in March 2011.
I'll keep you updated with the details.

I'll post as soon as I find out anything else, but until then, keep an eye on these sites:
Azure's Facebook page
@Azureprodutions - Annmaree J. Bell
@GabrielDowrick - the film's editor.
Azure Productions' homepage.

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