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Monday, August 2, 2010

Anyone You Want (2010)

A young businessman befriends a troubled homeless girl on the streets of Sydney and is drawn into her secret fantasy world. Over a lost weekend they try out new personalities - from hippies to grunting cavemen. But as these games bring them closer together they are forced to confront the frightening reality of each other's lives.

"Anyone You Want" features rising Australian stars Tabrett Bethell (The Clinic, Legend of the Seeker – Disney/ABC), Socratis Otto (Wolverine - Origins, The Matrix Reloaded) and veteran comic actor Max Cullen (Australia, Wolverine - Origins).

Anyone You Want” is an entrancing and offbeat love story set in Australia. It is the first feature of award-winning shorts/commercials director Campbell Graham. Multi-layered and full of twists, it follows a man and woman in their twenties as they try to get past their faults and become close - to be heard and loved.

By turns touching, edgy and funny “Anyone You Want” explores the raw territory of sexual desire and intimacy – exploring acceptance, recognition and giving.

The film was last screened in at the Manhattan Film Festival, as soon as new information will be avalaible, I'll share it with you.

Reviews and opinions about the film:
 "With a refreshing take on relationships, director/writer Campbell Graham has crafted an engaging and thoughtful tale whose characters learn to create their own limits—stepping outside of the restrictions society places on them and showing that every once in a while, we all need to escape." – Tamee Tanoor

"Writer/director Campbell Graham revels in the unadulterated joy of their artificial reality but ultimately treats their characters with toughness and honesty. Socratis Otto and Tabrett Bethell are uninhibited in the lead roles and make this a surprisingly deep look at identity and desire." - Metroactive

A charming and unique love story...Fantastic...It is really lovely to see a movie that’s actually about people...A very sharp film. Love stories are a dime a dozen but his really stands out because it has a very unique perspective and a writer’s voice.” - Movie Geeks United - Blog Talk Radio (38' 40"

"I won't ruin it with spoilers, but it's an engaging, funny movie that draws you in to a couple's fantasy world and then takes a huge turn about 2/3 of the way in." - Jason Watches Movies

"a lovely Australian film by my new friend Campbell Graham which was truly a Cinequest gem. Just a perfect blend of delightful characters, relationship drama, and ideas to think about." - A Grown Woman

Reviews from IMDb users:

A beautiful tale of unique characters with new found love. Whilst exploring the notion of love, they learn to discover their purpose in life and within this journey they can thus discover themselves. Utterly Charming!
One of the best Australian movies I have seen.
Full of unexpected twists and turns based on the realities of life and relationships. Sad without being tragic, romantic without being soppy, and dangerous without being scary. I give it 4 stars!
“...both charming and quirky with excellent performances and a wonderful soundtrack.” - Audience feedback

Campbell Graham's thanks to Screenwise Studios:

Indie Spirit Best Storyline Award - Boston International Film Festival, April, 2010.
Best Actress Award for Tabrett Bethell - Manhattan Film Festival

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  1. Love it! Great beginning. Looking forward to seeing Anyone You Want and the lovely, super talented Tabrett!

  2. A character so different from Cara...As much as Cara IS awesome, she owes most of her awesomeness to Tabrett and not the other way around. :)

  3. Tabrett is so talented as an actress.
    I look foward to watching this movie.