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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Making Of Savage In Limbo

Here is a behind the scenes look at how the play was developed, thanks to Tahyna Tozzi. Visit her Facebook page at the link below to see all of the pictures, and Like the gallery and the page too!



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The world premiere of Sanctuary will be at the Cockatoo Island Film Festival!

 The screening takes place in Sydney, on Wednesday 24th October at 3:15 PM. The price for the ticket is $22.50.

Details here:

Tabrett is represented by RoK now in the US.

Some of you may know that she had been working with Chadwick's Models in Australia and WME in the US before. Tabrett's Australian agency is still RGM, but she switched to Industry Entertainment Productions Llc in America (according to Fanmail), and her modelling agency now is RoK. Her profile can also be seen on the Australian Showcast website.

RoK is an up-and-coming new agency, based in Los Angeles. You should visit their website and take a look at Tabrett's page, they have some details and a couple of pictures of her there. She was there with other RoK models at the opening of the Unici Casa, check out some pictures of that event here:

Tabrett will appear in "Dhoom 3" with Bollywood stars!

Uday Chopra, one of the stars of the first two films, announced that Tabrett joined the cast on 27 September, on his twitter account, saying: "Please welcome the lovely Tabrett Bethell who joins the cast of Dhoom 3 today."

India Today says:
"Tabrett Bethell, Australian actress, has been signed up by Yash Raj Films as the other heroine in the much-hyped Dhoom sequel"
"Tabrett was reportedly approached for the role at the beginning of the year but the final contract was only signed last month. She will play a blonde living in the US and sparks fly when she meets Uday's character, Ali."
"'Her role will be somewhat similar to that of Bipasha Basu, who played the romantic interest of Uday in Dhoom 2,' said a source in the film's unit."
"Aamir takes over as the central baddie, playing a super thief who is a skilled acrobat. Aamir has already shot for some daring stunt sequences in the famous Chinatown area of the city"
"Tabrett will start the shoot in the coming week and already started preparations for her role. 'She will be given a team who will help her with the dialogues and some Bollywood style dancing,' a source said."

The film's big Bollywood stars are: Abhishek Bachchan, who plays the main character in the successful series, ACP Jai Dixit, a no nonsense cop; Amir Khan (playing the anti-hero; perhaps he's the biggest star, he talked to Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago - where the film is being shot now - to get necessary permissions quickly); Katrina Kaif (the female lead); Jackie Schroff; and of course Uday Chopra, as the other main character who appeared in the first two films, as Ali Akbar, a clownish downtown racer.

The interntaional cast includes Kim DeJesus and Paul D. Morgan.

Marking Tabrett's debut in the Hindi film industry, Dhoom 3 will be an action-thriller, to be released in 2013, in IMAX format.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Win Tabrett's autograph!

The Autograph Guy announced that he'll give away one of the autographs he got from Tabrett last week! All you have to do to win is to comment on his blog and tell why you are the biggest fan of Tabrett. The comment he likes the most wins! Leave an email address too, so he can contact you if you win.

Contest will run from now til Sunday the 22nd at midnight PST!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Clinic on Sky Movies - Sunday 15 July!

If you can watch Sky Movies, catch The Clinic tomorrow!

The film's page:

Sky Sci-Fi/Horror (also in HD) Sunday, 15 July, 2012, 12:15am

Tabrett in a play: Savage In Limbo

Tabrett was in a play this week, called Savage In Limbo. It was directed by Tahyna Tozzi, the rest of the cast included Trilby Glover, David Coussins, Alexander DiPersia and Tahyna Tozzi. The last show was on the 13th.

The play's description:
"The setting is a slightly seedy neighborhood bar in the Bronx, where a group of regulars (who all happen to be the same age—thirty-two) seek relief from the disappointments and tedium of the outside world. The first to arrive is Denise Savage, a perennial loner who announces that she is still a virgin, but would like to remedy the situation. She is joined by an old school friend, Linda Rotunda, whose problem has been the opposite—too many lovers (and illegitimate children) but who is now fearful that her current boyfriend, Tony Aronica, is losing interest in her. And when the macho Tony comes bursting in shortly thereafter and announces that he is leaving her to pursue "ugly girls," girls who have read books and can teach him something, Linda is desolate. Denise, sensing an advantage, makes a play for Tony, and the action quickens, moving swiftly from zany comedy to tense confrontation which requires the muscle and mediating skills of the taciturn bartender, Murk, who, heretofore, had been content to keep the glasses filled, including that of his mixed-up girlfriend, April, a failed nun who is also a classmate of the others. In the end, tensions subside, Linda recaptures Tony, Murk proposes to April, and only Denise remains as she was—still in the limbo of loneliness from which she so desperately wants to escape."


Here's a picture of Tabrett and the cast:

Visit this blog to see pictures of her signing autographs afterwards:

The Clinic - Buy or rent the film on DVD or Blu-ray!

The film is now avalaible in many countries all over the world. I'll keep gathering links and updating the release dates and the available copies in this post, which you'll always be able to find on the left.

Last update: 2012.07.14.

Links under the cut!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tabrett didn't win Fangoria's Chainsaw Award

I’m sad to announce that Tabrett Bethell did not win Fangoria’s Chainsaw Award in the Best Actress category. :( She finished 4th, Rose Byrne received the most votes, Pollyanna McIntosh finished second.

Here's the complete list of the winners and the runners-up:

Thank you to everybody who voted for Tabrett!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Clinic is on Showtime's channels again!

If you have Showtime and it's premium channels, you can watch The Clinic today and on the next couple of days. Here's the schedule:

Friday, May 25 11:40 PM    --  The Movie Channel Xtra
Saturday, May 26 3:10 AM  --  The Movie Channel Xtra
Sunday, Jun 03 4:20 PM       --  Showtime Showcase
Tuesday, Jun 05 4:00 AM     --  Showtime Women
Friday, Jun 15 12:10 PM      --  Showtime Showcase
Thursday, Jun 28 5:25 PM    --  Showtime Showcase

Schedule on Showime's website:

The Clinic's page:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Info about release dates and screenings!

The Clinic:

The film is out on DVD and BluRay, find out where you can order or rent it from here!
The film is avalaible in the US, Canada and in the UK too now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vote for Tabrett in the 2012 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards!

Great news, Tabrett has been nominated for the Best Actress Award for her performance in The Clinic! Now we have to help her win!

The nomination is mentioned on her IMDb page too.

Rules from the Fangoria site:

While the majors struggled to give us enough fright features worthy of best-of-the-year nominations, 2011 offered a bloody good crop of indie releases—so many that for the first time, we’ve established a Best Foreign-Language Film category to honor them all. (As usual, we’re holding off on citing a few films, like A Lonely Place To Die, until they receive wider U.S. disc exposure.) And we’ve expanded to six nominees per category to include all the fine work on screen last year. Now it’s time for you to name your favorites.
E-mail your choices—one list only per person, please—to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please be sure to vote in all categories; personal e-mails only, no mass ballots.

Deadline for ballots is April 25; winners will be announced in Fango #315, on sale in June, and at this site the same month.

The full list is here:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update about The Swallow

Gabe Dowrick sent me this reply about the film:

"The Swallow was made as part of an art project and has not / will not be publicly screened. Tabrett only had a small role in a single scene. We shot in 2007, I think."

Sad to know we won't see the whole thing but at least we won't have to keep guessing what's going on with this project. Maybe this was a part of her training, she was at Screenwise in 2007.

Either way, thanks again for letting me know, Gabe!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart Models - a pilot from 2008

I Heart Models is a four-part mobile pilot produced by Pixelmill Films and written, directed and edited by James Maclurcan. Tabrett's Showcast profile mentioned this pilot, which wasn't picked up, and she was one of the leads.

I contacted the director who will try to get the permission to send me the clip with Tabrett. Let's keep our fingers crossed! :)

The Clinic is on Showtime

The film isn't available this month but it was shown five times in December. Hopefully they'll air it again this year.

Keep an eye on this page until then:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tabrett's profile at Showcast, the leading casting service in Australia

There is contact information for the RGM Artist Group, Tabrett's Australian agency, you can also see 2 photos, the list of her credits and some information about her (most of it isn't new though).

Professional Skills: Actor, Model
Type of Model Work: Body, Commercial, Hair, Hands, Legs, Promotional, Teeth

The film titles in her credits are outdated, Anyone You Want was originally called Freestyle, and Mei Li Johnson became Strangers Lovers Killers.

A higher resolution version of the picture which was released on the AFI site in 2010:

Tabrett in a short film: The Swallow trailer

Don't get your hopes up, she's only in this clip for about 1 second, but it's better than nothing.

The short film was directed by Gabriel Dowrick, who is also the editor of Sanctuary. Sadly, I've only been able to find 3 trailers (the others don't have more of Tabrett either), and it's not listed on IMDb and it can't be found on Gabriel's official site either. Tabrett plays the beggar. My buest guess is that this was never released, I'll try to find out more about it though. It was probably shot in 2010.

Go to 0:43 to see her. Or:

From the description:
'The Swallow' is an ultra-violent hyper-reality film about a boudoir, its proprietor and his fall from grace. After recently discovering some previously unknown details about his families past, Atilol feels compelled to change his life, which has thus far been rather lax in moral. It is this 'change' that has a great effect on the people he loves and those that frequent his establishment as they grapple with the daily troubles of a constant hedonism, and the eternal fear of a life lived alone.

Written and produced by Bradley Tomlinson. Directed by Gabriel Dowrick. Photographed by Marc Windon.

Trailer edited by Kannika Thongsaeng.