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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Industry people about Tabrett

Read what actors, producers, directors and others said about her, both as a professional and as a person. I'll try to find more, check back to see the updates.

Campbell Graham (award winning writer, director and producer - Anyone You Want)

From an interview:
Tabrett Bethell is fairly new on the scene isn’t she?
"Yes she'd only completed one other indie film when she came for an audition with us. But she‟s now doing a major series for US Disney/ABC called “Legend of the Seeker” and she's getting quite a following. Like Socratis she has so much colour and magic to her acting. And luckily the two of them got on like a house on fire from day one. They leapt into these games and fantasies like kids. It wouldn't have worked as a two-hander without their openness and vulnerability as performers. They were also unbelievably easy to work with – so I was blessed."

Kenneth Biller (executive producer, writer - Legend of the Seeker)

From the season 2 DVD featurette, Meet Cara:
"We auditioned in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Auckland because we knew that this character could become the fourth series regular. And it was just very obvious to us when we started watching the dailies that she was our lady.
Tabrett in real life is a very funny, sassy lady.
When we brought Tabrett in for the first episode that she was in she got very little time for any kind of fight training. We would've liked to done more before the season began, she got some but not a lot of fight training. We were a little bit worried about it, and the costume, particularly the original costume was even more difficult to fight in, and we knew she had to be an action heroine, that she needed to fight. When I knew we were gonna be okay was when I had been hearing concerns that Tabrett wasn't getting enough fight training and she wanted more, and you know, she wasn't 100% confident about her ability to pull it off. And then I watched some slow motion footage of Tabrett fighting with these Agiels, and doing a spin kick, and her hair whipping in the air and I said: Wow... I don't know what anybody is worried about, she can fight. We probably could've helped her more earlier on by carving out more time for training, but it was a baptism of fire and she learned it on the fly, and anybody who's watched the show would not question that she can fight.
She was up for anything, she didn't flinch in anything. Get in the Mord-Sith bath naked - no problem, make out with other women - no problem, seduce this guy - no problem, she just really jumped into it with a lot of energy.

Mark Beesley (producer, director - Legend of the Seeker)

From the season 2 DVD featurette, Meet Cara:
"Tabrett really has just, like Cara, stepped onto the stage and owned that character."

Annmaree Bell (producer - Sanctuary)

"Tabrett is an amazing actress"

Jolene Blalock (actress - Legend of the Seeker, Star Trek: Enterprise)

Conference Call Recap:
"The cast and the crew they went out of their way to make me feel at home and were just incredibly hospitable to me and I am grateful for their effort.
Tabrett was incredibly hospitable to me. We would go out for coffee and stuff like that. Being so far from home…that was incredibly special for someone to do that; especially as hard as they work.

Bridget Regan (actress - Legend of the Seeker)

Daemon's TV interview:
"She’s a terrific actress and I adore working with her. I keep saying it but I think she was the missing piece of the puzzle that we didn’t have last season. Love her."

From her Twitter account:
"Have I told you how much I LOVE having the addition of the beautiful Tab to our lil show? She's passionate, dedicated and loves a good laugh" --- 26 Nov 09

"All this birthday love feels so good! Thank you all you beautiful lovelies. So much. Guess what Tab got me?? You'll NEVER guess..." --- 3 Feb 10
"" --- 3 Feb 10
"Absolutely awesome. She jumped first because she wanted to see my face when I landed. I was laughing & screaming the whole way down" --- 3 Feb 10

"How kick ass was Tab in this last ep?" ---- 21 Feb 10

"Yes! I have seen the news about Tab's award. So awesome. Can't wait to see the film!" --- 4 Aug 10

Click on the picture to see all of her tweets mentioning Tabrett!

"She is a really great actress and I loved working with her. And as the trust grew with Kahlan and Cara, our friendship was growing as well, and by the end of the season we were great friends."

Techland interview:
"That, and I absolutely adore Tabrett. She's so giving and loving and so funny. All the things you want when you're working all the time with someone."

The Torch Online interview:
"She’s a terrific actor, lovely to work with. She’s a joy to have on the show
She’s our missing link!
We jumped off the Sky Tower. It’s not even a bungee — it’s so easy, it’s so tame. It’s like you’re in a full-on harness, like a day at work in some ways. But it’s like you’re flying, and she took me to do that on my birthday, and it was quite special. We’ve become quite close. We’re great pals, hang out a lot.

PopStar interview #1:
"Tab and I really get along very well. We can be really girlie together. We're there for each other when it comes to the things that a bunch of guys wouldn't get. I think she's exactly what the show needed, and Cara is huge in the books. She's right up there. She's not in the first book, but she's huge in the other books, and I think having her along now is brilliant."
PopStar interview #2:
"And then sassy Tab came along and it was like the stars aligned. ... I am so thankful for Tab in my life every day. She's funny, smart, and incredibly generous."

Pop Culture Zoo interview:
"I love it, I love having Tabrett along. It was such a boy’s club last year and now we’ve got all this massive girl power, which is so cool.
I’ve done a lot of fighting with Tabrett where we’re teaming up and we’re working together. I’ve whacked her a few times on accident, but she’s been a good sport about it.

E! Online interview:
"Tab was the missing piece of the puzzle. I think that's what made this season take off.
And also just having a woman on the set…oh my god, it was such a boy's club last year. Tab and I are a bit of a little team because our fighting styles are also quite similar, so we work together on that. And we're both in the make-up chair pretty damn early. I have someone I can say to, "Oh my god, it's not even light out yet!" We're in it together, which is great.

Via fans who talked to her on Skype:
"Then she said she loves Tab. I asked if the still talked and she said yes, that Tab is now is Thailand. She said she's very spiritual, and that she has taught her a lot about soul searching,etc. I said Tab had a lot of fans on Twitter who wanted her to get one. She laughed and said she's tried, but it didn't seem likely because Tab was too private. She said she understood that because as an actor you have to be so open and let all of your emotions show. She said that she could see why Tab would want to keep her off-stage life private because of all the openness in acting."

I don't have the source for these two, please share the link if you do.
"I'm pretty sure she was going to go (to Thailand) with Tab, that's the vibe I got. I love that she went and rocked it to LadyGaga, the girls have good taste. She said they had an amazing time, sooo good! Basically everytime she mentioned her, her face seemed to light up and she smiled, which was adorable."

"She threw in that she actually took Tabrett to see Lady Gaga for her birthday and she was telling me how awesome a time they had. I of course talked about Tab’s part in Seeker, and I said as much as I loved the first series, the second series was so much better. She agreed and was like I know it was so much better. I said the addition of Tab was awesome, and everyone loved her character, I thought she was awesome. She agreed with me and said she loves Tab. It was touch and go the finale episode to see if she was a regular but she was so happy when they finally announced she would be made a permanent regular in Season 2. I said I guess with all that testosterone on set, it’s good to have another female, she laughed and was like, ‘Yeah right?!’. She always seemed to smile when referring to her, I guess which shows how good friends the two are. I was going to ask more as I know how much you guys love her, but I read an interview where Tab pointed out how incredibly private she was, so I didn’t want to ask anymore unless B contributed any more information, and to be honest I never directly asked about Tab she in fact brought her up a few times."

Charisma Carpenter (actress - Legend of the Seeker, Buffy, Angel)

In a tweet sent to an account she didn't know was fake:
"@TabrettBethell it's charisma from the states! Howz things in NZ. Think of u often and promote u all I can. Wishu the best."
(Just in case you're wondering, she is using a new account and you can ask her for confirmation if you want to.)

Starting at 0:49:
"I'm a really big fan of the show, and there is this girl on it, named Tabrett Bethell. She is a new series regular, and she is special. I think she is gonna go places, when she comes to America, she's Australian. And it shoots way down in New Zealand, and I just, I'm kinda bummed for her because, you know, I think it's a great show but it could go on for a really long time and she won't be able to go on and do great things, 'cause she deserves that."

"Tabrett, the most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth, and really talented lady."

MarcoGrazzini (actor - Poe)

On Twitter:
"Working with Tabrett was a blast, she's a very generous actor, down to earth w a very engaging personality. wicked smile :)"

Craig Horner (actor - Legend of the Seeker) interview:
"I did recently do the Sky Jump at the Sky Tower, it's this massive needle in the city. I did it with Tabrett, who plays Cara. She took me there for my birthday. ... I kind of felt like a bird flying down. It was great."
PopStar interview #1:
"And the sky jump, that was awesome. That was a lot of fun."

PopStar interview #2:
"She brought a bit of sassiness that the show kind of needed."

Vanessa Cater (stunt performer, actress - Legend of the Seeker)

On Twitter:
"On set yesterday 2 C all my Sister of the Dark Stuntie Girls Workin It! Tab had a twisted ankle &still kicks ass &takes names! Shes Awesome!"

More to come, hopefully!


  1. I have seriously fallen in love with this girl.

  2. I love Tabrett Bethell all sooo very much!♥ For me she's the kind of Best Friend I have been searching for,like my soul mate.
    She has this such a big part of my life, that I am so much afraid losing her.
    She's my very funny friend that touches and changed my life!♥
    There's no one else quite like her...she's one of a kind terrific person I have ever admired.
    She's the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life that made me fall in love with her with all my heart.
    Tabrett are the love of my life. My first love, my one and only true love...Forever till the End.♥
    You are the most favorite actress I have ever loved and I care about you a lot, and I'm always here for you and support you for all the things you do, and I wish that all your dreams may come true, because you are the best of the best, greatest actress I have ever known.
    I love you so so so sooo much babe....♥
    I wish that one day you'll see this message of mine...I hope someday will meet each other for real...
    Take good care of yourself and GOOD LUCK my LOVE ♥

  3. I just happened to watch legend of the seeker in so 2015,im a bit wondering if there is no sequel to it would there be a movie dedicated to fans of lots worldwode?that's gonna be so awesome.tabrett bethell could be the next jennifer garner sidekick badass female strong powerful superheroes