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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tabrett Bethell's audition video

I'm sorry I haven't reported about this before but I have been trying to get permission to talk about it, didn't want to post anything too early, not going to make that mistake again. But it's out of the bag now, so here you go.

I'm not sure what the story behind this video is but it looks like an audition for the next James Bond film, which is called Bond 23 for now. Not much is known about the film itself and we don't know everything about the casting either, but since the video was posted several months ago I guess Tabrett didn't get the role. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though until they'll announce something.

On the other hand, it could be what is called a "speculative audition" or showreel, agents and actors do this to get the actor out there.

And to clear things up, no, it was not an audition for Casino Royale. That film was released in 2006, before Tabrett started acting, and the video was uploaded earlier this year, in April. Yes, she is saying the lines from that film but it's not uncommon for productions which are secretive to use material from previous films. We don't know anything about Bond 23's story or who the female lead character will be or who will play her. Makes sense to test an actress with an earlier, strong character. Maybe they chose Vesper because the new one will be related or similar to her (but this is just my speculation, and I read some comments from Bond fans who'd love to see Vesper's sister).

Originally posted here: Please, do not flood the account with messages. It could be Tabrett's own but it could've been set up by her agent too, anyway, don't go crazy. :)

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