Currently available projects: The Clinic on DVD/Blu-ray & Legend of the Seeker in re-runs

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Clinic is on Showtime's channels again!

If you have Showtime and it's premium channels, you can watch The Clinic today and on the next couple of days. Here's the schedule:

Friday, May 25 11:40 PM    --  The Movie Channel Xtra
Saturday, May 26 3:10 AM  --  The Movie Channel Xtra
Sunday, Jun 03 4:20 PM       --  Showtime Showcase
Tuesday, Jun 05 4:00 AM     --  Showtime Women
Friday, Jun 15 12:10 PM      --  Showtime Showcase
Thursday, Jun 28 5:25 PM    --  Showtime Showcase

Schedule on Showime's website:

The Clinic's page:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Info about release dates and screenings!

The Clinic:

The film is out on DVD and BluRay, find out where you can order or rent it from here!
The film is avalaible in the US, Canada and in the UK too now.