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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Clinic - music videos from the fans

I think every Legend of the Seeker fan was waiting to see what some of the talented people would do with the film once they had access to it. I'm happy to say there are already a couple of really awesome videos on YouTube! I'll keep updating this post, you'll just have to check the link on the left to see if there's anything new.

Warning! Huge spoilers! If you haven't seen the film yet, and don't want to know more about the exciting story and the surprising twists, do not watch these clips!

Tabrett Bethell I Tremble, from Locafraise19:

She's lost in the darkness - Tabrett Bethell - The Clinic, from Michalina1001:

The Clinic - Bring Me To Life..., from ZviozdnayaNoch:

Victim (The Clinic), from bmaniavids:

Tabrett Bethell - The Clinic - Final Hour, from Michalina1001:

Beth Church (The Clinic) - Cut, from xHeroGirlx2:

Beth Church | I'm In Here, from AnnaGiuliaFiction:

The Clinic. I'm in here, from VoicesInDream:

Sizing up the competition (The Clinic), from bmaniavids:

Previews, from yamakiluv:

The 2nd and 4th is about The Clinic, ask her to finish these too. :)

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