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Friday, May 13, 2011

Poe was not picked up by ABC

First Deadline broke the news, saying:
"The high-profile drama pilots not to get an order include Poe, which was an early favorite of ABC chief Paul Lee but lost traction after poor testing."

Then SpoilerTV gave me a little bit of hope:
"Not 100% sure. Offical ABC Upfronts are next week but looking doubtful from what has been released so far"

But then they confirmed the report too:
"looks like ABC just confirmed it's Dead. Sorry :("

Inside TV: "Unfortunately … and readers of this blog knows how much this hurts … Poe is not getting picked up."
JuniorTV: "REDLITt: Poe"
A.V. Club: "Deadline is calling Suburgatory the last of the pilots to be picked up today, although we suppose there’s always a chance ABC will throw one more in the mix. However, it most likely won’t be the historical mash-up Poe, about the famed author solving crimes in between writing short stories and blacking out—a premise that tested poorly, if you can believe that."
Insider info: "I just talked to my source at ABC and he said that it was between Poe and Scandal, and they went with Scandal because it was different (and Shonda was involved) and there were too many genre pick-ups already. they just aren’t moving forward with it."

The Hollywood Reporter, the site that broke the news about Tabrett being cast in Poe:
While insiders said it was a favorite of Lee’s, one suggested it was essentially “Castle set in the 1800s.”
" (And that's exactly why it should've been picked up...)

Headline Planet: "But for as big as that new lineup is, it still could not include several high-profile projects. Pilots not likely to see the light of day at ABC are “Georgetown,” “Poe,”"

I'll update the post with more confirmations or other news if by some miracle anything changes. But don't hold your breath, looks like Tabrett will have to find something else. :( We can only hope the pilot will get out somehow and we can see it or at least some people will come forward and tell us more about the story.

This is also bad news for Tabrett's other projects. The Clinic, Sanctuary and Anyone You Want could've benefited from her being on air. The Clinic will be released on DVD in the US in a couple of months, Poe could've given a boost to the sales for example.

Update! On the other hand, read how small Tabrett's role was in the pilot... Let's hope she has something else coming up too, this would've been a waste of her time and talent.

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