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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Clinic - an interview with the producer, the film will be released in the UK & Italy too!

Samuel Pinczewski was kind enough to answer some of my questions, and he'll share a bit more later. If you'd like to ask something too, send me your questions! Post them as comments or send me a tweet.

Read about the film, Sam and the writer/director James Rabbitts, and their new project after the jump!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Send in your questions for Campbell Graham, the director of Anyone You Want!

I just got Campbell's response and was very glad to see he agreed to an interview too, can't wait to ask him about a couple of things!

I've got a lot of questions already, but like the title says, you can send in some of yours too! I guess most of you will want to ask about the film and Tabrett, but keep in mind that he probably won't be able to answer everything, not wanting to spoil much from the story, and as we all know, Tabrett is a private person, so not sure how much he can talk about her. And of course questions about Campbell and his work and so on are appreciated too. You can leave comments here, or contact me on twitter.

I think a few days should be enough, let's say that the deadline is June 10.

He also had a short update about Anyone You Want's status:
"I am still taking steps to bring out the film on dvd or download and am doing quite a lot of work on this currently. It's an expensive and complex process but you won't have to wait forever! I'll let you all know when something is concrete."