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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Send in your questions for Campbell Graham, the director of Anyone You Want!

I just got Campbell's response and was very glad to see he agreed to an interview too, can't wait to ask him about a couple of things!

I've got a lot of questions already, but like the title says, you can send in some of yours too! I guess most of you will want to ask about the film and Tabrett, but keep in mind that he probably won't be able to answer everything, not wanting to spoil much from the story, and as we all know, Tabrett is a private person, so not sure how much he can talk about her. And of course questions about Campbell and his work and so on are appreciated too. You can leave comments here, or contact me on twitter.

I think a few days should be enough, let's say that the deadline is June 10.

He also had a short update about Anyone You Want's status:
"I am still taking steps to bring out the film on dvd or download and am doing quite a lot of work on this currently. It's an expensive and complex process but you won't have to wait forever! I'll let you all know when something is concrete."


  1. I've only read the plot and watched the trailer, but I'd like to know if he thinks that the subject of his movie (fantasy and identity) deals with the problematic of growing up, and how ? (Because growing up is deciding which of these fantasies will be the real one.) And, (but it's less important) does he think that his movie has to do with the Syndrom of Peter Pan, and maybe an evolution of society ? How he feels about that ?

    I'm sorry for my bad English, and ... I'm not sure that it's really a useful question. Anyway, I'd be happy if you find the time to ask it. And I'm not sure I'm supposed to post it here (If not... delete it ?) Thank you anyway !

  2. 1) With all of the role-playing, wild costume changing, and general wackiness inherent in the script, how much fun did Socrates and Tabrett have?

    2) We all know that in films which are very heavy on drama and almost 100% serious in tone, sometimes actors have to crack up, pull some pranks, or just go goofy & nutty every once in a while to work some of that tension off. In a script like Anyone You Want, which has a healthy 'goofball' quotient, do you find that getting to exercise all of that levity and letting it 'all hang out' now and then has a positive effect on the cast when it comes time for the more serious, dramatic scenes?

  3. *facepalm* Necros_hun if you actually send/use my 1st question in written form, please correct the spelling of Socratis Otto's name for me?

    I feel horrible that I misspelled it.

    Thanks. :)