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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sanctuary - more details and pictures!

The short film has a website now! Go and check it out, you'll find a lot of stills and behind the scenes pictures!

Here's the synopsis of Sanctuary:

"After witnessing her father's murder, Lia is institutionalized to help her recover, but the memory of her father's murder continues to haunt her. As a coping strategy she retreats to her Sanctuary where her memories and the real world start to collide."

Read the rest inside!

Tabrett plays Lia, the main cast also includes Xavier Samuel, Heather Mitchell and Peter McAllum. The film was written and directed by Benedict Samuel and produced by Annmaree J. Bell. The award winning Gabriel Dowrick was the editor, Michael Steel was the cinematographer and Lauren Richards was the production designer.

There's a photo of a page from the script where they describe the scenes and give some explanations:


The truth is subjective, according to your state of mind.

A young woman, Lia opens the door of her house only to be confronted with a young man, blood on his hands and a gun under his chin and very quickly spots the body of her father, dead, with a knife in his chest. The young man blows his brains out.

The Plains and Lia's Distortion of Realities:

The dream is of a true event. The young man is her .... Hamlet and he did kill her father, but the d... distortion of reality as she was not the one to dis.... fact.

Lia wakes up and is in bed with the young man who was in her dream. It is her boyfriend. That horrific dream stays with her, it plays on her mind.

Where Lia wakes up is her created reality: her .... deal with her grief. In that place and at this time ...(?) next to Hamlet. In the reality of this world she is (in an?) Asylum and the person next to her there is .... Horatio.

She gently wakes her boyfriend and needing to feel something other than her sadness, they make love together. She whispers(?) gently to herself as she climaxes, the thought of going to her father's funeral bringing on the tears.

The comfort from her brother who .... of the ....bed side in the Insane(?) Asylum has been distorted(?) .... While she may be...

I can't make out what every word is and some I can't even see, but based on this, I think this film could be a modern version of Hamlet.

The trailer is coming soon, same goes for press materials. I'll try to find out more and I'll share it as soon as I can. At first we should only expect news about screenings at festivals but if everything goes well, we should hear about the film coming out on DVD too. Azure is currently at Cannes but I don't know if Sanctuary is there too.

I think it sounds really interesting, can't wait to know more about it!

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