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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Clinic (2010)

Next screening: Saturday, August 7th 10.00PM & Saturday, August 14th 10.00PM - At the Chauvel Cinema!

Young mother-to-be Beth is traveling across country with her fiancé, Cameron, when one night she wakes alone to a nightmare situation, faced with an unknown enemy and a deadline for survival. Her child has been abducted and she is trapped in an isolated clinic together with a group of other mothers.

The Clinic follows the journey of six women who find themselves trapped and isolated with only each other to turn to (and against). Something has drawn these women together and will ultimately tear them apart.

An intriguing thriller from first-time writer/director James Rabbitts, The Clinic explores women’s primal instincts and how far they will go to protect life. Inspired by true events. 

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Reviews from the Melbourne International Film Festival:

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Select quotes about Tabrett Bethell's performance from the reviews and Twitter:
"Charismatic actress Tabrett Bethell does a magnificent job playing the mother that grows in desperation and courage."

"Tabrett got to show off her acting skills in The Clinic in ways we never saw in Legend of the Seeker. Scared and vulnerable"

"Tabrett Bethell's performance was excellent"

"The acting in the movie was surprisingly great for an Australian movie. Clare Bowen and Tabrett Bethell are my new favourites."

"Needless to say, Tab is incredible in the role. She brings a realness to the character and even as the events of the film get more unreal, she keeps her grounded in an honest and moving performance"

"Tabrett Brethell, through it all, conveys the emotions of her character successfully and credibly."

"Tabrett plays this role flawlessly. Her performance blew me away. I have only ever seen her as the Badass Mord'Sith, this role is at the complete opposite end of the acting spectrum. You believe she is going through an ordeal and you believe that she will stop at nothing to get her baby back. She was truly amazing, I cannot say enough good things about her performance, she will go far in this business."

"All the cast were great but for mine Tabrett's performance was the stand out.
Its easy to forget that this is essentially only her 3rd movie and she made it before she got LotS... Tabrett Bethell has a bright future ahead of her and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her."

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