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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tabrett Bethell Appreciation Project

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There is this new community on Livejournal and I'll just copy what beautifullauren posted:

Hey guys,

Welcome to the Tabrett Bethell Appreciation project community.
Why we want to do this: I think most of you know by now what Tabrett said during The Clinic Q&A at MIFF. To quote her "I'm a first-comer myself. No one even know who I am". I was so surprised that she'd even think something like that. First i was like WTF?, then i wanted to hug her and tell her how many people DO KNOW who she is. But she's not an internet person so she can't possibly know how many crazy girls (and boys) drool over her on livejournal, twitter, tumblr etc. and talk about her and Cara every single day. :P First i wanted to send her a fan letter or something similar to that, but [info]rhyfeddu had this great idea of doing TB Appreciation Project, all of her fans (or most) can be a part of. I participated in something similar on fanforum in Lauren Graham postcards project. It was the most amazing thing, she was so happy, the brainstorming and months of preparation were worth it. I don't know about you guys but it's driving me crazy that she thinks nobody knows who she is. And i know a lot of you feel the same.

What you need to do: All you have to do is join this community so i can see how many of you are willing to participate and if you have any ideas post them here below. Every time an idea is posted i'll update this post. You'll have 2 weeks to come up with something and then i'll post a poll so you'll all be able to vote for your favorite idea. Then i'll open a new thread with list of participants. Now, i know for some of you the winning idea won't be the best one, but remember the most important thing is to show Tabrett that we love her and that we appreciate her work. :) Every idea is a good idea, all Tabrett fans are welcome here. Lets do this for our Tabby. She is new at this and she needs to know her fans support her.

Here is link to the project we did for Lauren Graham on

Also we will need her agents address, i believe that some of you have it. ;)

Deadline to post ideas: September 6th


1. Cards - like postcard project, and in the end writing how she achieved to captivate the audience (xixlovexgreenx did i get this right?)
2. Reunite the comments we've made on Tab's acting, (in LotS and everything else she's done so far), coupled with pics of specifics scenes/moments that *illustrate* the comments
3. A picture collage (poster style) with all the work that she's done, pivotal moments that had an effect on US the fans, from scenes that touched US. next to the pics, we write how the scene we've chosen touched us
4. A standard form/questionnaire for people to fill:
Name, Age, Location, Why do you like Tabrett Bethell?, How did you become a fan?, Why do you think she should join Twitter?, A special message for her... etc
Something along those lines, so she can get to see what people from all over the world think about her.
5. Fanart package: posters, manips, collages..., whatever people want her to see (all tasteful)
6. Multimedia package: DVD's with audio and video messages from fans
7. Drawings/writing a message with a note of where we're from

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