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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tabrett in a short film: The Swallow trailer

Don't get your hopes up, she's only in this clip for about 1 second, but it's better than nothing.

The short film was directed by Gabriel Dowrick, who is also the editor of Sanctuary. Sadly, I've only been able to find 3 trailers (the others don't have more of Tabrett either), and it's not listed on IMDb and it can't be found on Gabriel's official site either. Tabrett plays the beggar. My buest guess is that this was never released, I'll try to find out more about it though. It was probably shot in 2010.

Go to 0:43 to see her. Or:

From the description:
'The Swallow' is an ultra-violent hyper-reality film about a boudoir, its proprietor and his fall from grace. After recently discovering some previously unknown details about his families past, Atilol feels compelled to change his life, which has thus far been rather lax in moral. It is this 'change' that has a great effect on the people he loves and those that frequent his establishment as they grapple with the daily troubles of a constant hedonism, and the eternal fear of a life lived alone.

Written and produced by Bradley Tomlinson. Directed by Gabriel Dowrick. Photographed by Marc Windon.

Trailer edited by Kannika Thongsaeng.

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