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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sydney has been named a City of Film by UNESCO

Tabrett's home town, Sydney won the award this year, congrats to the talented people living and working there!

The full article from ABC is after the jump.

ABC Mid North Coast NSW:

Sydney wins United Nations film accolade

Sydney's Arts scene is celebrating after receiving international recognition from the United Nations.

Sydney has been named a City of Film by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, for its contribution to global cinema.

Film critic Margaret Pomeranz says the award should show a new generation of film makers they can make a living in Sydney

"Well it's an acknowledgment of our history in film and the fact that we do have a lot of very dynamic and talented film makers in this city," she said.

"Also I think it should be aspirational, It should be something that inspires people to be more conscious of film culture in this city."

Sydney is only the second city in the world to win the film award.

The first went unexpectedly to the English city of Bradford last year, beating out more favoured candidates Cannes and Venice.

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