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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Clinic - Two new screenings, USA & Spain!

Two new events have been announced on The Little Film Company's screenings page, read more about them after the jump. And I'll post reviews from Screamfest after they've been released.

San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival

The San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival saw the light 18 years ago on initiative by the San Sebastian Municipal Board of Culture. It was an immediate hit with the audience, whose active participation paved the way for things to come.

Born with the goal of attracting youngsters to the movies, while audiences of this kind have lost none of their importance, the event now encompasses spectators of all ages. But this is not just your standard film festival, it’s also an enormous horror and fantasy party, packed with street shows, fanzine meetings, performances, music, comic encounters and exhibitions, to name but a few.

The Clinic will be screened on November 4, in San Sebastian, Spain, in the Teatro Principal at 5:00PM. Tickets will be on sale on October 25 from 4:00PM.

Santa Monica - Ocean Screening Room

Located just two blocks from the world-famous Pacific Park in Santa Monica, Ocean Screening is the only screening room in Los Angeles where your audience can see the sunset from the theater entrance. Santa Monica's fresh ocean air, breathtaking view and relaxed atmosphere are why many of Hollywood's top talents, including such A-list luminaries as Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Oliver Stone, and Mel Gibson have moved west. Ocean Screening has been their trusted venue for years.

Ocean Screening is the ideal venue to hold a multimedia business presentation, screen a new release for critics or showcase your film to potential distributors The rates are reasonable, and the projection standards are studio trusted. Ocean Screening is the premiere West Los Angeles venue ready to serve all your screening and event needs.

The Clinic will be screened on November 6 in Santa Monica, in the Ocean Screening Room at 3:00PM.
I'll post information about tickets when I find out more.

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