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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Clinic in Indonesia and another review

Some lucky fans in Indonesia will have the chance to see the film too, or this could be another great opportunity to convert even more people. :) Either way, this is the biggest genre festival in the South East Asia region, fingers crossed! More details and the review after the jump.

INAFFF (Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival) is back with a vengeance. As always, they aim to please not only the bloodthirsty horror fans, but also the fanatic sci-fi, fantasy and anime lovers as well. Rhis is a fantastic film festival, the only festival in the South East Asia region celebrating genre films - horror/thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, B movies, and other-worldly films.

Details about The Clinic's screenings:

In Jakarta (Blitz Grand Indonesia):
Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 17:00 Audi B

In Bandung (Blitz Paris Van Java):
Saturday, November 27, 2010, 19:15 Audi B

Ticket info:

If you buy your ticket in the Presale period, one ticket costs 20.000 Indonesian Rupiahs, or 2.24 US dollars in Jakarta and 15.000 Rupiahs or 1.68 US dollars in Bandung. During the Festival period the price is a bit higher, 25.000 Rupiahs/2.8 US dollars and 20.000 Rupiahs/2.24 US dollars.

The Film Society of Lincoln Centre's homepage is advertising Scary Movies 4 with The Clinic.

The website of the 21st Horror and Fantasy Film Festival in San Sebastian has been updated, they are listing The Clinic in the Official Feature Film Selection. Be careful visiting the link though, they put minor spoilers in the film's description.

And now the review from Movie Cafe, posted by Jaccstev:

“The Clinic” (Australia - 2010)
The market for horror films in Australia is, and always has been, unquestionably dominated by American and British products, but since the first “Saw” movie, created by Aussie duo James Wan and Leigh Whannell, spawned a successful gore franchise which is now up to its seventh installment, Aussie horror films are back - and they're stronger than ever. With suitably twisted plot, “The Clinic” by James Rabbitts is also a one to watch Aussie horror this year. The film is slow to get started, but once underway it’s an enjoyable ride. Tabrett Bethell's excellent performance also is the highlight of the film for me. Here’s the synopsis: While travelling across Australia in 1979, heavily pregnant Beth Church is abducted. Waking up in an abandoned abattoir, she’s horrified to find her baby has been removed. Searching the isolated prison for a way out she finds three other women in exactly the same terrifying predicament. And so their deadly game of survival begins Raw psychological horror as SAW meets THE VANISHING with a gripping hereditary twist in director James Rabbitts’ feature debut.
Halloween-meter: 6.5/10

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