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Monday, September 6, 2010

The music in Anyone You Want

Many of us fans still haven't seen the film, but while we are waiting for it to be released we can listen to some beautiful tracks.

Genevieve Maynard and The Tallboys - Earthbound

I want to float through the atmosphere
And easily rise above
I’m tired of waiting to get set free
Earthbound in the mud.

When will I know all there is to know?
Is there ever time to learn?
How will I get where I need to go?
Earthbound in the mud.

Earthbound – I warned you –
Icarus tried to fly too.

Some man on TV assures me that it’s easy
But I have never tried so hard
I never set my hopes so high
To watch them crumble time on time
While I’m earthbound in the mud.

The film's score:
Steve Campbell - The River:

And two songs from The Leisure Society:

Love's Enormous Wings

The Leisure Society - The Sleeper

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