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Monday, September 6, 2010

Looking back - Anyone You Want at film festivals

The people behind the film are working on getting it to more people and I'll post as soon as anything comes up. But I want to keep the blog going until that time comes, so here's a post about how the film was recieved at various festivals.

The film's world premiere was at Cinequest 20 in March:

Anyone You Want was well recieved and got some pretty good reviews:
"With a refreshing take on relationships, director/writer Campbell Graham has crafted an engaging and thoughtful tale whose characters learn to create their own limits—stepping outside of the restrictions society places on them and showing that every once in a while, we all need to escape."
Tamee Tanoor

"Writer/director Campbell Graham revels in the unadulterated joy of their artificial reality but ultimately treats their characters with toughness and honesty. Socratis Otto and Tabrett Bethell are uninhibited in the lead roles and make this a surprisingly deep look at identity and desire."

And some user reviews at IMDb:

An interview with Campbell Graham:

The next stop was at the Boston International Film Festival in April:

From the film's blog:
"We had a packed out screening and showed the film to people from America, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary... Some of them even wore wigs... We keep promising you wigs, stay tuned for the wigs..."

The blog also mentions the award the film received:

Indie Spirit Best Story Line Award:
Campbell Graham for ANYONE YOU WANT

And the last festival so far was the Manhattan Film Festival:

The audience feedback was great here as well and MorbidEclipse was very kind and sent me the flyer people got at the screening. Thanks to KaliWeir, here is a scanned picture of it's back (the front is the same as the poster):

Tabrett also received her first award here:

Best Actress Award
Tabrett Bethell for ANONE YOU WANT

An interview with Campbell Graham:

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