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Friday, November 21, 2014 interview with Tabrett

An interesting, touching and lengthy interview, with details about how Tabrett got to play Cara, her experience shooting Dhoom 3, about actors' unions, her passion for acting, about Poe, and how much she appreciates the fans' support. :)

"I adore the fans. They are so loyal and supportive. I remember receiving a beautiful gift box at the end of season two. It was this huge handmade leather bound book with fan letters, songs, poems and photos of fans from all around the world giving support for Cara and myself. I remember sitting in my agency at RGM and opening this tremendous gift. I was so overwhelmed. I went through a massive personal journey during that show and to receive such a heartfelt gift from people all around the world was so incredible. I didn’t know that kind of stuff actually happened and I was so humbled that my character had touched so many hearts. It overwhelms me to do this day."

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