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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tabrett is co-starring in "Poe", ABC's new pilot!

Great news about Tabrett, it's a big opportunity for her! If ABC picks up the show, she will be on network tv in a hopefully successful show. It could also mean lots of new pictures for us, fans, and probably some interviews too. And I'm sure we'd all be very happy if she decided to join twitter to promote the show a bit more. :)

"Poe" is a new crime procedural TV series that will follow Edgar Allan Poe, the world's very first detective, as he uses unconventional methods to investigate dark mysteries in 1840s Boston.

It has an element of Guy Ritchie’s version of Sherlock Holmes, an element of steampunk and a real sense of fun. This is before Poe’s darkest days. He has a sense of humor; he’s a believer surrounded by skeptics. The show in some ways bears a resemblance to Castle.

The cast:
Tabrett Bethell - Sarah: Poe's ex fiancée
Christopher Egan - Poe
Kevin McNally - Police Commissioner Kyle Kilpatrick
Leslie Odom, Jr. - Julian 'Jupiter' Noble: a doctor at a free clinic who helps Poe

Director: Alex Graves (long list of impressive work, many nominations and awards, including 2 Emmys)
Writer-executive producer: Christopher Hollier (Alias, Kyle XY)
Executive producers: Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes films, Terminator Salvation, The Departed) and Brad Kern (Human Target, Charmed)

ABC is looking at Poe to become a full series, but as of yet only a pilot has been green-lit. They'll be shooting from March 14 to March 31 in Toronto.


  1. I would LOVE to see something with a steampunk flavor on TV!!

    Fingers crossed that the show is good and the role is all that Tabrett deserves! Something new from her seems like early Xmas. :)

  2. It's really awesome !!!!!! Can't wait for it !!!! I really hope the show will become a full series !

  3. I'm drooling and dying. :D I love, Love, LOVE that she's gotten, and is getting, films - but it's so, so hard to get any quick-fix access to them. haha

    (Especially when they're not made on your continent.)

    So this - hoping to see her on TV regularly - is like...well, I don't know whether to say it's like Christmas, my birthday, or getting a whole haul of candy from trick-or-treating on Halloween.... Kind of a mixture of all 3, really!

    Arg. Patience is haaaaaarrrd. ;p

  4. Really hope the show is successful i cant wait 2 see more of her! =) ...and kicking ass.. she learned that on Legend of the once a fighter always a figheter i ga just so happy 4 her! & for us getting 2 see her agian! =)